Worry-Free Website Packages

What is a "worry-free" website? It is...


Just for you

Your website, your way. With the features you need to accomplish the objectives you desire. Start big or start small. Your choice. 


For your business

All the Keyword Research, Technical and On-page/On-site SEO optimizations needed for your site to be "fast and find-able."


Against Intrusion

Security Best Practices are followed and maintained, with several layers of security implemented to protect your site's visitors and your reputation. 


Good to Grow

You plan to grow. Your worry-free site is ready to grow with you. Whether you need SEO, Social Media, PPC or content development, we have your back.

a worry-free website is a

Complete Website Solution

Our Worry-Free website packages are designed to provide a quick, easy and affordable way for small businesses and organizations to establish a web presence with a turnkey website with endless possibilities for growth and expansion. Custom designed for you and without the cookie-cutter limitations of sites created with services such as Wix or WordPress.com.

All worry-free packages include
Our worry-free websites are 100% view-able on the variety of screen sizes

What You'll Be Getting From Us

and what we'll be needing from you.

Included with every worry-free package

On-page Optimization

We will utilize best practices when creating your site so that it is optimized for both humans and search engines.


We keep your website running at its best with software updates, up time and security monitoring and fixes recommended by our monthly performance scan.

Web Hosting

Fast, secure and scaleable web hosting with daily backups is included with all our Start packages.

Responsive Design

All Starter sites will score A+ on the usability metric of our Holistic Website Report Card. Whether its viewed on a notebook, a desktop, a tablet or a phone. Your website will look good.

Security Hardening

In addition to the security of our hosting, we protect your site against malware and malicious intrusion attempts.

Social Integration

We will integrate your existing social media accounts with your website. We can create these social media accounts for you, should you need..

Google Analytics

We will connect the Google Analytics Tools tools to your account to monitor your traffic and visitors.

Daily Cloud Backup

Your website is backup up every day using the safety and security of Amazon S3 Cloud Storage.

Meet Our Client...

The photos on this page showcase our client, Odyssey Junction, LLC, a full service Travel and Tour Agency serving Central Connecticut and beyond.

About Odyssey Junction

Odyssey Junction offers personalized Small Group Tours, Road Trip Adventures, Weekend Getaways, Vacation Planning, Cruise Packages and more.

Where the Client had Pain

  • Shoddy craftsmanship and lack of responsiveness from multiple design groups.
  • Confusing jargon without anyone to take the time to provide satisfactory explanations. 
  • Unwillingness to assist with content creation.

J/Develop addressed that pain by

We listened. We took the time to understand the client’s objectives, target market, design preferences and the nature of the clients business . We took the time to explain everything around our process. We delivered to Margaret a professional website that met her specifications, as well as  number of other supporting services such as Web Hosting, Maintenance, Graphic Design and Content Development.